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Chad becomes the first country in the world to have medicine that cures sleeping sickness known as human African trypanosomiasis. This accomplishment marks the first time a neglected tropical disease has been eradicated in the country.

The success is attributed to sustained efforts by the government, international health organizations, and local communities. Comprehensive strategies, including widespread screening, treatment, and vector control measures, have been instrumental.

This landmark achievement not only improves public health but also sets a precedent for combating other neglected tropical diseases across Africa. Kudos to Chad!

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Have you thought of key management skills in your business?

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Recent research has shown the top African companies in 2024, that overcome COVID-19 and the continent's economic problems. The list includes companies both in East, Africa, West Africa, North Africa and Southern Africa.

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Recent reports have shown ten worst cities for startups 2024. The weak startup environment that exists in some of these urban locations is a major obstacle to achieving growth.

Poor startup ecosystems can exasperate social and economic disparities owing to the fact that in this era startups have been instrumental in addressing local issues and providing solutions based on what the community wants.

In its absence, many societal concerns that could be tackled remain ignored, and the advantages of economic prosperity are not dispersed equally.

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