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The 2024 Africa Impact summit deal room is hosting this fireside chat to bring out the experience of funds and businesses in the deal making process. The session will highlight some of the expectations , challenges and experiences of both investors and ventures in the fundraising journey.

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Its only few days left to the biggest leadership and mentorship conference, happening on the 17th and 18th of July in London.

Link to register

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Bank of Ghana Clarifies Roles of FinTechs and MTOs in Remittance Process.

The Bank of Ghana has clarified that local FinTech companies authorized by the Central Bank do not directly mobilize foreign exchange from abroad. Instead, this responsibility lies with Money Transfer Operators- MTOs located overseas, which handle the receipt of remittances. The funds received by MTOs are deposited into the nostro accounts (a bank account that a domestic bank holds in a foreign bank, denominated in the foreign bank's local currency) of local partner banks, and Fintechs manage the downstream process of payments to beneficiaries within Ghana.

Recent concerns suggested that FinTechs were holding onto foreign exchange abroad, with claims that around $12 billion in remittances to Ghana between 2018 and 2022 went untracked. The BoG refuted these assertions, particularly dismissing reports that $8 billion had been withheld by newly licensed MTOs and 11 FinTech companies over the past two years. Discrepancies between the World Bank’s remittance tracking figures and the Auditor General’s recorded amounts further fueled public confusion.


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On of the biggest networking events in Africa that is the CEO connect Forum Kenya, by Shared Value Africa has been shifted to a later date. This decision is in support to ongoing peaceful youth protest across Kenya.

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A glance at how the shares have performed at half-year mark. Share prices of 18 companies have gone up, of 5 companies have declined while 9 experienced no change.

What do these share price movements mean to you? If you invested P10,000 in Standard Chartered, the value of the investment has grown to P12,300 over the past 6 months as the share price gained 23%. If you invested P10,000 in Access Bank, the value of the investment has dropped to P9,950 as the share price declined by 0.50%.

You can use closing share prices to calculate the value of your investment, its growth or decline depending on which stocks you hold, and the returns you can realise when you sell the shares.

Share your experience, which stocks are you invested in and how are your stocks performing?

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Join us in welcoming Samuel Tettey Amanor, CEO of BlueSPACE Africa Technologies, Ghana, to the APN Interoperability Symposium under the theme: 'Scaling up Interoperability: Using Mobile to Buy & Sell Across Africa'.

Samuel Amanor is a visionary leader in Africa's digital payments and fintech landscape. Key milestones include Founder & CEO of BlueSPACE Africa Technologies, driving fintech innovation across the continent; Pioneered the Single Africa Payments Area (SAPA) initiative; VP of Funding & Partnerships at Ghana Fintech and Payments Association; Co-founder of Ghana Innovation Hub, nurturing early-stage tech companies; Managing system integration partner for global fintech giants in sub-Saharan Africa; and Former CEO for EMC and Dell in Ghana, leading digital transformation efforts.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from one of Africa's foremost fintech leaders.

Yesterday, we successfully conducted a capacity-building workshop for the two Ethiopian Pension Fund Administrators: PSSSA and POESSA in collaboration with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, FSD Ethiopia, Old Mutual and Ethiopian Capital Market Authority. The session provided valuable insights into fund management, investment processes, and risk management for the Ethiopian pension funds. Special thanks to all our experts and participants for making it a success!


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Shared Value is now in Nigeria, what an opportunity in West Africa to grow your business with profit and purpose.

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We begin the second day of the #BAFM Seminar with Lina TonuiAfrican Exchanges Linkage Project Manager who echo’s the importance of creating a platform where we can all come together and unpack the challenges we face in building African capital markets.

"The African Exchanges Linkage Project seeks to leverage the relationships that exist in Africa, and identify key opportunities to make inroads toward achieving our goals. The AELP seeks to boost pan African investment flows and build efficiencies among exchanges on the continent within our diverse markets. Through the linking of exchanges, we create a one stop shop for all African exchanges and enhance connection to the global markets”.

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We are joined on stage by the Botswana Stock Exchange Limited and the DSE Tanzania to discuss the efforts by Africa’s Capital Markets to develop SME markets.

In Botswana, Tanzania and South Africa, the importance of creating access to capital for SME’s is critical to their growth and development of our African economies. Exchanges remain a great facilitator of that access.

“Understanding the value chain of SME’s is imperative for exchanges as they work towards providing the support that SME’s need”- Cleola Kunene (MBA)

·      How is Fintech transforming Africa’s Capital Markets?

·      How should the African Capital Market ecosystem collaborate towards establishing carbon markets on the African Continent?

·      How should we work together to enhance value creation within the continent?

·      More importantly, how do we collaboratively lead the data revolution?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

These are the important and insightful discussions that were part of our last four-panel session today at the #BAMF seminar.

A special thanks to African Securities Exchanges Association , United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), FSCA South Africa and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and our wonderful speakers.

We reconvene tomorrow.

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